CTF: A channel side door problem

17/01/17 — capitol


We have discovered another door problem that needs to be solved, can any of you refrieve the flag that is stored behind this side door.

telnet 2220


telnet 2a02:ed06::2033 12346

Happy hacking!

CTF: Our lost door combination

14/01/17 — capitol


We seems to have lost the code to one of our doors, could any of you amazing hackers help us open it with your hacking skills and get the flag?

telnet 2221


telnet 2a02:ed06::2033 12345

Happy hacking!

33c3: talks round-up

07/01/17 — fnords

All Computers Are Broken

‘Twas that most wonderful time of the year: CCC congress time!! 12000+ hackers from all over the planet were gathered in Hamburg for four days of glorious haxx, workshops, meetups, ctfs, raves, mainlining club mate……. and attending some talks along the way.

Here is a few fnords personal favourites from this year:

Lockpicking in the IoT It’s not really a hacker congress unless there is some lockpicking going on. Its fun to use BTLE for evil!

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? I didn’t get to see this at the congress, but it was reccomended to me by several other people and I put it on my watch list. If you’ve ever booked a trip somewhere (or put a picture of your boarding card on instagram….protip: don’t do that), this talk is for you!

Keys of Fury The abstract for this talk mentioned teletext and then I knew I had to watch it. Best quote: “You really need to like it, because it takes forever”. More KYBDslöjd plz!

You can -j REJECT but you can not hide: Global scanning of the IPv6 Internet For all you ipv6 heads out there!

Shut Up and Take My Money! FinTech security and how to not do it right.

You can find all the talks from 33c3 here, go check them out!

Fyrst post!

02/01/17 — Jan Banan

Er året 2017, velkommen! Er det mye senere enn det, beklager!

Ingenting er så trist som en forlatt blogg, og det er mange av dem, men det er i tillegg mange gode. Et sted må man begynne, og det er her. Denne bloggen er her for at folk på Hackeriet kan skrive om hva de holder på med eller tenker på, under sitt eget eller et påfunnet navn.

Språk er valgfritt, men jeg håper på en del norsk for det