Release of Ripasso version 0.5.0

17/10/20 — capitol


After nine long months of development effort, we are proud to present ripasso version 0.5.0.

New Features

Support multiple password stores

We have implemented support for configuration files. You can now switch between different password directories from the menu.


Fuzzing of our dependencies

We did a small project where we went over our dependencies with a fuzzer, bugs found:

Some of them have been closed, some are in optional dependencies that we now have excluded and some are in a package that we want to start using in the future.

Password History View

If you press ctrl-H on a password entry, it will bring up the git history of that file.


Copy password file name

Copy the file name with ctrl-U, this can be useful if you have your username as the filename.

Bugs Fixed

Passwords in initial commit causes error

If the initial git commit contained files, that caused errors as ripasso didn’t consider that snapshot correctly.

Not assume that git branch should be named master

A hardcoding of the branch name was removed.


  • Joakim Lundborg - Developer
  • Alexander Kjäll - Developer
  • Silje Enge Kristensen - Norwegian bokmål translation
  • Camille Victor Prunier - French translation
  • David Plassmann - German translation

Also a big thanks to everyone who contributed with bug reports and patches.