Release of Ripasso version 0.4.0

26/01/20 — capitol


After two months of development effort, we are proud to present ripasso version 0.4.0.

New Features

Support for localization

Ripasso’s ncurses based application now have support for localization and have been translated into:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Norwegian bokmål
  • Norwegian nynorsk
  • Swedish

Display a padlock icon if the git commit a password comes from have been signed by a valid key

If the git commit that a password came from have been signed by a gpg key that’s in your keyring, then ripasso will display a padlock icon ( 🔒 ) to symbolize this.

If there is a minor problem with the key, then an open padlock icon ( 🔓 ) will be displayed.

And if there was a major problem, then a stop icon ( ⛔ ) will be displayed.

Package for fedora created

Ripasso have now been packaged for fedora by Artem Polishchuk

Major startup time improvement

In the previous versions, ripasso did the equivalence of a git blame on every password file in the repository, this was fine for small repositories, but for large ones it didn’t work at all. The startup cost was on the order of O(n2) where n was the number of passwords.

This have been replaced by walking through the history once and populating the metadata for each file as we see them in the history.

Support for environmental variable PASSWORD_STORE_SIGNING_KEY

If you specify one or more 40 character gpg key ids in this variable, this ripasso will verify that the .gpg-id file in the password directory has been signed by one of those keys.

The signature is a detached gpg signature located in the .gpg-id.sig file.

Bugs Fixed

Don’t print passwords onscreen as they are generated

The generate button now prints stars instead of the actual password when pressed.

Prevent directory traversal

Before it was possible to create files outside the password store directory, by writing .. in the password path.


  • Joakim Lundborg - Developer
  • Alexander Kjäll - Developer
  • Artem Polishchuk - Fedora packager
  • Silje Enge Kristensen - Norwegian bokmål translation
  • Eivind Syvertsen - Norwegian nynorsk translation
  • Enrico Razzetti - Italian translation
  • Camille Victor Prunier - French translation

Also a big thanks to everyone who contributed with bug reports and patches.