Hackeriet's selection of top talks from 35C3

01/01/19 — capitol


35C3 is over

And we are sad, but we are also very happy that we got to experience all the fantastic things that happened, and got to listen to so many high quality talks.

To help people find out what the best talks were so you can watch them from home, we have compiled a curated list by having our members rang what they watched and then apply the Schulze voting algorithm.

Here is the list. All entries link to the video streams over at media.ccc.de.

  1. What The Fax?!
  2. The Rocky Road to TLS 1.3 and better Internet Encryption
  3. Viva la Vita Vida
  4. First Sednit UEFI Rootkit Unveiled
  5. Truly cardless: Jackpotting an ATM using auxiliary devices.
  6. The nextpnr FOSS FPGA place-and-route tool
  7. Internet of Dongs
  8. Kernel Tracing With eBPF
  9. wallet.fail
  10. Jailbreaking iOS

Hope you have some great chaosflix-and-chill time.