Announcing the integration library between Struts 1.3 and spring 5.0

10/02/18 — capitol

The swedish word for ostrich is struts

Ageing java enterprise developers, look here!

Are you still maintaining an aging enterprise beast that you don’t have the budget to rewrite to modern micro-services?

Have your company spent too much money into an codebase so that you can never throw it away?

Do you still want to have experience with the latest and greatest toolset so that you stay relevant on the job market and can get a higher salary when you switch jobs?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, look no further!

Introducing the integration library between Struts 1.3 and Spring 5.0

Now you can use the latest spring release together with your old enterprise application.

The code was resurrected from the spring 3 code base and ported forward to spring 5.

Add this dependency to your struts project


and just replace org.springframework.web.struts with no.hackeriet.struts1Spring.struts.

Written because sometimes it’s easier to write code than navigate politics.

By the way, don’t forget to patch the security holes in struts 1 yourself!

Happy hacking!