Visiting hackerspace in Malmö

06/01/18 — capitol


Before 34c3 this year I visited Malmö for a couple of hours. And while I was there I managed to squeeze in a visit to the hackerspace.


They have the most anonymous entrance I have ever seen, but after some guidance over the phone I managed to find it.

They are located in a residential part of Malmö, but are close to both public transports and some restaurants.

The space is located in a basement, and they are working on renovating it, but the places that they have finished are cosy.


They do a lot of hardware and soldering, so most of the space is optimized for that.


Having a microscope makes it super easy to solder tiny parts.


The other rooms are not as furnished, but at least they managed to get some servers up


And 3d-printers and games.


When they don’t do hardware, they play a lot of ctf’s and we have played a few events together.

We are looking forward towards visiting when it’s not in the middle of winter.