Welcome to Oslo NixOS MiniCon 2020!

29/01/20 — fnords && sgo


Saturday 22 Feb, and Sunday 23 Feb at Hackeriet in Oslo. This event is community organized and free.

Oslo NixOS User Group is very excited to invite you to our first 2 day mini conference. We’ve invited some great speakers to cover different aspects of the Nix ecosystem.

Saturday is dedicated to talks on NixOS, NixOps and the Nix language (and pizza for the ones who stick around to the end!). On Sunday we have a talk on how to build Docker containers with Nix, and we’ll end the day with a hands on Nix package workshop.

Please tell us that you’re coming by RSVPing on meetup.com:


  • 15:00: “The Nix Ecosystem” - by Elis Hirwing (etu)

    This presentation aims to give a brief overview of what Nix is, how it functions and some of its potential uses. Then we will look at NixOS and some other tools that is part of what makes the Nix ecosystem great!

  • 15:30: “NixOps” - by Kim Lindberger

    NixOps is a declarative and fully automated deployment system for NixOS. If you’ve been using NixOS as your desktop OS and would like it to be your server OS, or have been playing around with the Amazon AWS images and wonder what the next step is, this talk is for you.

  • 16:00: “Reading Nix expressions” - by Adam Höse (Adisbladis)

    You just installed Nix or NixOS. You have have a configuration.nix, default.nix or shell.nix and it just looks like a soup of characters? This talk is for you. Nix is not a big language but the syntax is quite foreign to the usual language suspects. The goal of this talk is to demystify the language. At the end all the viewers should be able to read Nix code and start wielding Nix’s super powers.

  • 17:00 until late: Let’s eat pizza and hang out! 🍕


  • 13:00: “Building Docker containers with Nix” - by Adam Höse (Adisbladis)

    So you’ve learnt how to build a Nix package and everything is great. Now we need to learn how to ship our packages to production, which nowadays often means deploying to a container registry and then running inside of Docker and/or Kubernetes.

    This talk will teach you not only how to build seamlessly integrated containers using Nix that brings reproducibility and traceability benefits of Nix, but also the inner workings of the Nixpkgs dockerTools functions. Hopefully we’ll also break a few peoples mental model of how Docker actually works under the hood.

  • 14:00 until late: Nix package workshop

    Do you have some software you want to package for Nix? Bring your laptop and your questions, we will try our best to help you!

Questions? Chat with us on IRC at #oslohackerspace @ Freenode.

Cover Photo Credit: Michael Ankes