Post mortem for oslohack:22

18/02/23 — capitol


Hackeriet arranged a small conference during 28-30 dec 2022. With lots of talks, streaming service for those of us who couldn’t attend in person and lots of good conversations between the attendants.

The recording of most of the talks have been available on youtube since the conference and will soon be reposted as individual talks.

List of talks and workshops performed

  • ctx - Native vector graphics for microcontrollers and terminals - Øyvind Kolås
  • Secure messaging deep dive - Stian Kristoffersen
  • Debugging packages on Linux - Morten Linderud
  • Digital Skeleton Keys - micsen
  • Street Epistemology - A technique for difficult conversations - Jared Elgvin & Salve J. Nilsen
  • FreeIPA - Identity and access management system for Linux - xorgic
  • Algorithmic Predictions and Big Decisions - Failures of Machine Learning - Daniel Kinn
  • The road to NRK’s private Terraform registry - Stig Otnes Kolstad
  • Valuable but vulnerable - GNSS timing interference detection and countermeasures - Harald Hauglin, Justervesenet
  • Quantum Threat Inflation - riding the Cyber Wave - Natalie Kilber
  • Vim movements - xorgic
  • Skal EU få se dine private bilder? - Tom Fredrik Blenning
  • CPU-cachen og deg: hvordan skrive cache-effektiv kode - Rune Holm
  • Nanopore DNA sequencing for dummies and smarties - Karl Trygve Kalleberg

The conference couldn’t have happened without our sponsors, The NUUG Foundation, Kovert and our volunteers that donated their time to arrange it.

Economic transparency

Generally there isn’t a lot of talk on the internet around what it costs to arrange conferences.

The lack of transparency is something that we think prevents new persons from attempting to arrange these sorts of thing, as they might believe there to be a unreasonable risk connected to arranging.

As a step of combating that, here is a full transparency around what it costed us to arrange oslohack:22

Item Income Cost
Brus & snacks   2275
Led-lys   375
Pride banner   56
50m nettverkskabel   500
Engangsvåtmopp   60
LED-lys   2838
Leie flerbrukshallen   7000
Leie av streamingutstyr, KANDU   3125
Støtte Kovert 2275  
Støtte NUUG Foundation 13954  
Totalt 16229 16229